Monday, March 1, 2010


The Lord is with me;

I will not be afraid.

What can man do to me?

Psalm 118:6

Have you ever had toxic people in your life?
You know, people who find contentment to when you are down?
Well, I am removing them from my life.
I am going to surround myself with as many positive people as I can!
I will start my online business (very soon) and create and be happy!
I am so honored to have found such beautiful "blog friends" just since I started last month.
Creative, interesting, fun and oh so talented.
Thanks for your unconditional support and kind words!
And, look ahead to wonderful things to come!


  1. A very wise post! Blogger friends are very supportive. I look forward to seeing what you create and to your online store!

  2. Donna, Life needs to be used wisely and treated just as well. Do for yourself and be happy and then happiness will always follow you. Create what you feel, love what you do and go for the gold! Blogger friends rock!