Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yellow Bird

Spring is finally Springing!

I know it won't stay like this , at least not where we live in Illinois
but, it sure is nice to feel the sun and warmer (50's) breeze.

Snow is gone!

You can see the tiny sprouts of life erupt again from the softening ground.

The Winter cold and snow silences the sounds of earth .
The warming Spring awakens those sounds and everything is alive again!

What I really enjoy now is the sound of the singing birds in the morning.

I haven't been able to catch a bird with my camera,
(still hoping to find the pot of gold a forgetful Leprechaun left to get a new one!)


here is the next best thing!

My Yellow Bird.

He is my Dollar Store find!

I love his rustic, yellow color and he is already "shabbied up!"
He flew to me in the store and came home with me,
well, for a dollar and tax of course.

Yellow Bird is trying to find his space in his new home.

He did like the kitchen counter stool but, I told him one of the kids might sit on him.
So, he quickly flew to the........

Family Room and landed on the mantel.
Yellow bird tried talking to Chocolate Bunny but, couldn't hear him under the glass cloche.
So, he flew to......

the Easter Tree! 
But, Yellow Bird was just a little too chubby for the delicate branches. 
So, he left and flew over to......
the cake pedestals.
They were too hard and slippery for the little fellow so, he got down and quickly flew to....

the hallway.
Nothing too exciting here (he said to me).
Off again......

 "No Way" I told him.
"You don't belong with chickens and you will get vacuumed up" .
See, now I'm talking back to this little bird!

Yellow bird flew past my head over to....

a kitchen shelf.
Yellow bird felt safe up high but was so tired from all that flying that he decided to
fly over to........

the hall bench and take a little nap.
Ahhhh sounds good......

But, can't because..... the dishwasher repair man is coming,dishes to wash(since I can't put them in the dishwasher!), there is laundry to do (always!),a trip to the post office, grocery shopping, pick up the kids from school, after school activities, make something semi-nutritious for dinner, homework, hear about everyones day and make sure hugs and kisses are evenly distributed, shower & bath time, bedtime story and OK
I can take my nap!


  1. Yellow bird had quite an adventure! I hope he finally found the perfect place to perch.
    It is nice to see spring slowly making an appearance. It's supposed to be 60 degrees in Kansas City tomorrow and Friday but then possibly snow on Saturday. Go figure!!

  2. Donna,
    This is too cute! I love your little bird, and from the Dollar Store? He's precious! I love all your little "spots"...he's pretty sweet just about anywhere! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just luv the "Yellow Bird" story...just too stinkin cute! Thanks for coming to my PAR-TAY...I hope you are having a FUN time:)


  4. Loving your little bird. Be blessed. Cindy

  5. He does look cute sitting around. I have looked for him in our local Dollar Tree but it must be some other kind of Dollar Store? Which one?

    It wasn't very spring like today in Illinois. COLD and Windy!

    I came by to remind you about the Vintage Easter Blog Hop. I will have my party post up Saturday evening and then you can come by and link up your Vintage Easter Post.